Surviving and Thriving as an Entrepreneur

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Just over there living that crazy entrepreneur life? We know it well; no one day is the same, the nights can be long, hours can be wasted, and the personal and professional growth is immeasurable – ESPECIALLY when your business is still new (the first 5 years).

Here’s some tips and tricks we live by to survive this wild ride:

Arm yourself with Education

Knowledge is power so make sure you do everything you can to be an expert in your niche market, and back that knowledge up with education and experience relating to business, marketing and even negotiating with customers. **NOTE** Remember there’s other ways to become educated that do not include post secondary education (depending on your industry – Dr’s need to go to school, we don’t need anymore Facebook Drs thank you), we suggest researching online courses and sessions being provided in your business community that are related to your industry to stay in the know.

Keep it Clean

There’s no shortage of entrepreneurial gimmicks out there; from rigged SEO, to faking customer reviews, or simply taking on any job out there (even when it doesn’t align with your values). These gimmicks tend to work short-term, but the only true way to succeed long-term is to stick to the time consuming, laborious and always challenging task of building your brand and your business properly. We’re talkin long-term SEO tactics, authentic customer reviews and overall good customer service.

Keep on Learning

Always. Be sure you are always learning about your niche market, your business practices, digital marketing, and most importantly – your customers.


Do you know what takes patience? Everything mentioned above! Success takes time and it may take longer than you might have thought. Keep your eyes on your long-term goals and learn from mistakes as much as you can, that last part is no fun, but we all go through it.

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Hire Help for the Things you can’t get to

Boom is here to help! Hire us for the projects or tasks you can’t get to, or when your workload is too much to bear alone. The services we provide are custom to each client’s needs and don’t require a commitment or monthly retainer – just help when you need it.

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