Finding, & Attracting the Best Candidate

If you’re employed, think about when you applied for your job and were the successful applicant. Was it a newspaper listing? Newp. Probably not. For the most part, gone are the days of posting job opportunities in the Newspaper.

In the year 2022, people are using platforms like LinkedIn, Indeed and even Facebook to interact with potential employers. With this in mind, a big component of your recruitment process should be figuring out how the applicants are searching for jobs – try to put yourself in their shoes and be sure you explain to your potential employees what the benefits of being part of your team are. Here’s a few tips that could help you attract the best candidates for your team:

Create a Story

Candidates want to know what kind of organization they are going to join. Showcase the  kind of company you are and how this position fits into the organization’s overall success. This could include features, stories, posts, etc. that highlight the importance of the position. In addition, make sure your website and media platforms outline what you’re like as a company.

Be Flexible in Your Application Methods

In your search for the right candidate you may need to lose the traditional Resume/Cover Letter application process – at least at the beginning. Make yourself available through more informal channels to answer questions about your company, your goals, anything that may have deterred them from applying otherwise.

When candidates were in abundance, robo-recruiters would eliminate candidates for not matching enough key words or a simple spelling mistake. In a far less abundant candidate pool, you may need to overlook a resume’s aesthetic and examine each one for fit, experience and accomplishments.

Be Flexible in Work Location

The Covid-19 Pandemic has shown that people overall have enjoyed working from home. It reduced travel time, traffic frustrations and created a better work-life balance. Let your candidates know from the earliest stages that your organization offers the flexibility of working from home, the office or a hybrid model (where possible).

Work-life balance

Promote your company’s support to employees in their planned and unplanned commitments outside of the office. An employee trying to balance it all with the fear of letting work or family down will cause them to burn out quickly. If work-life balance is something your company takes seriously (which you definitely should be doing) be sure to prove this to potential employees on your website, social media, and job postings.

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