The 2023 Social Media Survival Guide

Is anyone else using this week to wrap up 2022 stuff, and plan for 2023? If so, this will be as timely for you as it is for me. 

These 8 social media tips will help you leverage your brand and audience in 2023:

1. Know your audience

Get to know your audience by answering the following questions: 

  • Who are your customers?
  • How do they use their online time?
  • Where are they engaged?
  • What is important to them?
  • Do they already know who you are?
  • How do they view you? Is it what you want them to believe?
  • What information must they view for you to convince them that your goods and services are valuable?

Once you’ve done your research and answered these questions, document it so that everyone on your team knows the audience you’re writing for. We recommend client personas (a service we will help you create if you need 😉).

2. Review your hashtags by answering these questions:

  • Are you using both the specific ones for your company and the general ones that both current and potential customers will look up and follow? 
  • Do you extend your reach by using regional hashtags like #kambiz #supportkamloops #shoplocal?

Insider Tip: Stay tuned for our next blog – A Free Guide to Hashtag Research in 2023!

3. Analyze your performance

Picture this: your audience is growing, overall engagement is up, you regularly receive DMs and comments from devoted and enthusiastic customers, your ideas are on fire … life is good! 

This situation is exactly what all digital marketers are attempting day in and day out, but do you understand why? What produced these exceptional results? While being fortunate is fantastic, recognizing why your material performed well (or not) will help you develop repeatable processes for effective posts, a growing and more engaged audience, and more conversions. 

How to analyze your posts: 

  • Perform a regular social media analysis using insights. 
  • Try to share posts at different times and on different days.
  • Ask your audience what they want by using a survey.

4. Cross-post to different platforms

Posting the same post every day on Facebook, IG, and LinkedIn at the same time is efficient and necessary sometimes, but remember it is not a content strategy. You can and should repurpose content across several platforms, but the essential word here is repurposing (we will also be doing a deep dive into repurposed content in January for you all).

5. Build your brand

Do you keep brand consistency in each social media post? 

Everything you produce as a company is an asset that is either digital or tangible, and every asset (whether it’s digital or tangible) needs to follow your brand guidelines to ensure consistency.  

Many businesses overlook the time and work they invested when starting their company to choose the ideal font, logo, and colour scheme. Your customers will feel more secure and you will always come off as professional if you stay true to your brand.

6. Have fun!

We promise – social media management doesn’t suck! You’re the expert on your company and brand, so convey it with confidence and enjoy yourself while you’re doing it. YOU SHOULD BE PROUD OF WHAT YOU’VE BUILT!

7. React to comments and DMs right away

More engagement = more exposure! Be sure to respond to your audience’s messages and comments with likes and replies ASAP.  This builds trust with your audience, and also helps the algorithm—the more you engage when they engage, the more Meta will see this as a popular post and push it out farther. More engagement = further reach.  

8. Let the #BoomCrew Help you with your Social Media Success in 2023

📸 : (that’s us in the pic! Cute huh?)

We post what we learn, so you can learn too! Feel free to take this info and run with it if you’re comfortable. 

Whether you want to follow the tips and tricks we’ve outlined here and tackle it yourself, or get help from us, we’re just happy your social strategy for 2023 is going to help push your brand and organization forward. 

Ways we can help:

  • Take on your social as a whole
  • Conduct training sessions for you and your team so you have the tools to tackle social media in house
  • Help with ads
  • Assist with just the social media tasks you assign to us when you need a hand 

Our social media services are tailored to your needs, no commitment fee, no retainer, just help when you need it at an hourly rate.

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