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Hi, I’m Roxanne, Founder of Boom Business Solutions.

Cheers to the Rainbow!

Have you heard of the term rainbow capitalism? It was coined to describe how ​​2SLGBTQPIA+ symbolism is being used by companies to heighten consumerism without leading to meaningful improvement for the 2SLGBTQPIA+ community. This topic really grabbed my attention during Pride Month. As a straight CIS person, I wanted to do something for pride monthContinue reading “Cheers to the Rainbow!”

5 HR Management Tips for Small Businesses

Where should small businesses get started when building their HR program? These 5 tips are a great place to start a Human Resource Management program that utilizes HR best practices. 1. Create an Employee Handbook Your company’s employee handbook outlines your key policies, procedures, operating norms, value, mission, and culture. It also sets out expectationsContinue reading “5 HR Management Tips for Small Businesses”

This is Boom.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, I (Roxanne, the one of the left in the image above) worked at a Destination Marketing Organization in a Business Development position I loved.  When the pandemic decemated my entire portfolio (meetings, conventions, event festival and sport) in March of 2020 I was truly devastated. Like so many others aroundContinue reading “This is Boom.”

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