Human Resources Consulting

“We prefer solutions for you & your people over outdated Human Resource practices.”

– Joanna McKamey-Martin, Director of Boom People Solutions
Joanna McKamey-Martin

Boom People Solutions provides a new age approach to HR Consulting. Not only is there no monthly retainer or commitment fee required (pay only for the hours you use monthly), we focus on tactics you can implement to create a successful, peaceful and respected workforce.
A modern twist to HR practices that still implement the Employment Standards Act. An approach that will benefit both you as the employer and your employees.

Here’s a list of HR Services we’re happy to help small businesses with.

Don’t see what you’re looking for on the list? Contact us to discuss!

HR Audit

Analysis of your HR program to identify any problems and provide support to the management team to improve these systems. A third-party can eliminate bias and identify blind spots someone within the organization may miss.

Employee Handbook Development

Development of a handbook that sets expectations of employees, details proper (and legal) procedures, and creates an organized and transparent work environment. If you already have a handbook developed for your team, we can help you keep it up to date.

Policy Development

Development of HR policies to ensure your employees know what is expected of them and ensure employees needs are respected and protected, and proper procedures are made available to them to help them complete their work.

Employment Contracts

We help you develop agreements between the employee and employer that provides both parties with a clear understanding of their responsibilities and obligations to each other in their employment relationship.

Standardized Hiring Processes

Development of standardized hiring processes unique to your small business that help you refine your candidate evaluation to ensure they are a good fit for your team.

Performance Management Processes

Development of a structured performance management process that helps you mitigate performance issues and identify areas where an employee needs extra support, clearer expectations or possibly even deserves a raise.

Retention Strategies

Development of strategies tailored specifically to your small business to help you retain your top talent such as succession planning, mentorship, perks, communication and work/life balance prioritization.

Organizational Structure

Structure development and documentation tailored to your business that ensures roles and responsibilities within your organization are well defined and as clear as possible to ensure all team members know their place and role.

Organizational Culture + Environment

We work with you to establish the shared beliefs and values of the management team and communicate and reinforce these values to employees to create an environment that shapes employee perceptions, behaviors and understanding.

Training + Development Systems

Development of programs that provide necessary training to create an overall knowledgeable workforce. Including cross training to ensure your team can take over for one another as needed to ensure coverage and a positive team environment.

Supervisor Coaching & Mentoring

Development of systems specifically for your business that ensure the leader has the tools to work with employees in a positive and efficient manner that result in work productivity and a positive workplace environment + culture.

Employment Legislation Compliance

Assessment of your organization’s use of the Employment Standards Act to ensure you are meeting the minimum standards set out through employment standards and training on where employment standards exhibit themselves in your workplace.

Performance Appraisals & Feedback

We work with you to create an appraisal that welcomes positive processes and working relationships to ensure employees and employers are dedicated to the roles they have. This promotes an efficient workflow and healthy workplace culture and environment.

Termination of Employment

Let Boom coach you through this unfortunate (but oftentimes necessary) situation. From the legality of the termination to the logistics of the meeting, Boom can help make the experience as admissible as possible.

Employee Satisfaction

Assess your workplace environment through our employee survey and observation programs. We can then help you develop your practices to raise employee satisfaction to ultimately strengthen your organization.

New Employee Onboarding

We will develop an onboarding program for new hires that helps employees become accustomed to their role, the company’s policies, and what the company has to offer.

Ready to get started with Boom?

Reach out to Founder + CEO , Roxanne Kennedy to chat about the tailored services Boom can provide for you.

“These ladies are incredible. Honestly if you have business needs, contact Boom Business Solutions. They have helped us so much with all things big and small. So happy to have them on my team”

– Krystal Dickinson of Lakeland Veterinary Clinic

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