Digital Marketing & Virtual Assistance

Digital Marketing; all marketing tactics that occur electronically and online.

Digital Marketing means there’s far more possibilities for your business to reach customers by email, video, social media, and search engines. Let Boom help you develop and execute digital marketing and administrative efforts with these tasks.

Virtual Assistance

Services vary according to the needs of the client, some virtual assistants handle clerical tasks, while others may handle travel arrangements, appointment scheduling, data entry, and online file storage.

Social Media Marketing

Our team produces planned, curated and regular posting on all the social media platforms your business uses. Social media content such as helpful advice, and finished projects or products prove your expertise and keep you top of mind.


Useful content shows your audience you’re a trusted source. Interesting and helpful topics prove you are more than just a business selling a service or product; it shows them that you care about authenticity and being helpful.

Project Coordination

We assist our clients with specific administrative tasks related to specific projects by organizing and communicating details as needed. We’re here to act as a liaison between everyone involved in the project.

Website Design + Maintenance

Using Wix; a user-friendly website building platform, Boom creates modern, engaging and effective websites for your small business. After the site is complete, we’re here to monitor your website’s overall health and performance.

Production Management for Photographers + Videographers

Pre-production planning such as locations, permits, prepping your subjects, and scheduling. All wrapped up in an in-depth schedule for your shoot day. Any planning or project organization you need to prepare for your project, is done by our team.


Email marketing continuously builds loyalty and connection via email by creating newsletters that educate your audience with free helpful information (this builds loyalty) alongside sales pitches incorporated into the messaging.

Google Business Profile Optimization

Optimizing your Google Business Profile sends these signals to Google to rank you higher in local results. And higher rank, means more visibility and engagement with your business.

Content Creation

We create many forms of content such as blog posts, videos, eBooks, Tweets, infographics, advertisements, etc. Our content creators provide appealing and engaging content that captures the attention of your target audience.

Ready to get started with Boom?

Reach out to Founder + CEO , Roxanne Kennedy to chat about the tailored services Boom can provide for you.

As a creative, I quickly learned that the business side of things doesn’t come as naturally to me as I’d hoped. I needed some help moving forward, so I reached out to Boom and immediately felt the pressure lift from my shoulders. I felt like someone finally saw my vision and wanted to help me not only achieve my goals, but teach me HOW to do it. I feel more confident, and excited about the future and building my business and it’s all because of the expertise and knowledge I gained from Boom.”

– Kendell Elliott of Kendell Elliott Art

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